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Tesla and Panasonic end joint solar cell production

InläggPostat: 26 feb 2020 15:46
av Feddan ... production
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OSAKA/PALO ALTO -- Tesla and Panasonic are scrapping their partnership in producing solar cells after years of struggling to ramp up output at the Gigafactory 2 in upstate New York.

The companies intend to continue working together on automotive batteries for Tesla's electric vehicles. But the latest decision poses yet another setback in their strained relationship, which had once been considered a key component to Panasonic's turnaround.

Tesla and Panasonic announced their joint venture on solar cells in 2016. The Japanese company shouldered costs for part of the equipment at the Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, which began producing core components for solar panels in 2017. Panasonic-made solar cells were also supposed to be used for Tesla's solar panels.

Called the Solar Roof, the Tesla product is designed to look like regular black roof tiles. But Panasonic-made cells are believed to have failed to achieve this look while also maintaining the efficiency and cost sought by the U.S. company.

The latest version of the Solar Roof launched last fall uses Chinese cells. Meanwhile, Panasonic has been selling cells it produced at the Gigafactory to Japanese homebuilders and other clients.

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It seems Tesla has exceeded its commitment to hire the number of employees it needed to in Buffalo.

According to this NY state official, this is due to Panasonic abandoning its global solar products. ... 2442066944

Re: Tesla and Panasonic end joint solar cell production

InläggPostat: 26 feb 2020 16:02
av Feddan
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Electrek’s Take
This is really interesting. Obviously, the deal wasn’t going great, and yet Tesla is now finally ramping up solar roof tile production at the factory.

It sounds like Tesla might be using other cells for the solar roof tile V3 and cutting Panasonic out of it.

What is most interesting is that if Panasonic is not producing cells in Gigafactory New York, it should leave room for other things, as the report said.

Now Tesla is holding an event at the factory and it might be about batteries. Does that mean Tesla is going to produce batteries at the factory? Not necessarily, but it’s an interesting thought. We might know more about that soon. Stay tuned.