Tesla ditches the hitch – 70% of customers disagree


EDIT 14:45: According to Tesla the trailer hitch is removed only temporarily from the online configurator. During that time period customers need to contact their local store to order this option. (Hooray)

Last week the trailer hitch option have suddenly disappeared from the Tesla Model 3 configuration page. It is no longer possible to order a Model 3 online in Europe with a trailer hitch.

When questioned Tesla replied to us:

We have removed the Tow Hitch option from Model 3 in EMEA on the design studio. It will continue to be available off-menu for a period of time and customers should contact their local store to order this option, if needed.

If needed?! Tesla apparently does not understand just how important the trailer hitch is for European customers!

Contrary to the USA pick-up trucks are not very popular here in Europe. Very few people own such vehicles. If we want to transport something large and bulky (like new furniture or old trash) we just rent a trailer that we pull with our regular passenger cars.

To avoid misconceptions and emphasize the importance of that little hook at the rear of our cars we asked our members: how important is the trailer hitch for you?

We requested only people who are right now considering to buy a Tesla Model 3 to answer:


70% of all customers considering buying a Tesla Model 3 answered they will not buy the car if it does not have a trailer hitch! They would rather buy some other manufacturer’s vehicle than a Model 3 without the hook. Another 10% would also rather have a Model 3 with a trailer hitch but can compromise and reluctantly accept to have one without. Only 20% doesn’t want a trailer hitch at all.

We see the same distribution among Swedes who already have bought a Tesla Model 3:


65% of our members who have bought a Tesla Model 3 have bought it with the trailer hitch option.

Actually, as the first batches of Model 3-s delivered in 2019 did not have the trailer hitch option available several buyers back then had to compromise: take delivery of the car even though it didn’t quite fit their needs. 9 of the 22 people answering they bought a Model 3 without a trailer hitch wrote in the comments that they did so only reluctantly: they would have chosen to buy the car with it if it would have been available. Back then there were very few electric alternatives. Today there is an entirely different start field in Europe with lots of electric cars with trailer hitches.

Removing the trailer hitch will have a severe negative impact on European Tesla Model 3 sales.

Is this really the right way to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy?

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  • UmeSverker

    Sweden is always 10 years behind the US market. Soon we are ready to buy the “smaller EU sized Cybertruck”.

    • Stefan Larsson

      I apologize for my vocabulary here, but that is absolute bollocks! Pickups have been common in the US for much longer than 10 years, rather since owning cars became common. In Europe traditions are different and if they haven’t been affected by what’s common in the US for 50+ years, they will not be so in five years either solely because one manufacturer would happen to put an electric pickup on the market. It will sell OK no doubt, but not to those customer who would rather have a sedan, a station wagon or a regular SUV/Crossover.
      And with the different organization of our society, how we live and what distances we travel, believing that people would buy a second car in the shape of a pickup for the sole purpose of getting access to a tow hook is not in connection with reality.

      • UmeSverker

        Some things are difficult to understand and wrap your mind around. You don’t have to be impolite just because you disagree. I see Cybertruck ( or any BEV pickup, like a Swiss Army knife.

        • Marcus

          A Swiss Army knife is a compromise. It can do a lot of stuff but you only use it in cases when you have no better alternative.

          • UmeSverker

            Life is full of compromises for most people, the question is what compromise is the best for you.

        • Stefan Larsson

          And I don’t see any major shift likely in vehicle type purchased by those who today purchase a sedan, a station wagon or an SUV/Crossover. For most common use, the bed of a pickup is totally useless compared to the luggage compartment of a normal car.

          And my choice of words earlier was not intended as a personal insult, but merely to emphasize that I believe you’re misjudging what other people want. You’re entitled to believe what you want, but I don’t believe that will affect the choices people in general will make.

    • Björn

      That would be a severe drawback for the development of our future in many ways. Lets just mention the environment footprint, and safety of your co-road users. But unfortunatly I think you’re right.

  • Jan-Erik Sebestyen

    Tesla model Y coming soon.

    • https://teslaclubsweden.se Tibor Blomhäll

      Still many months away. And even if so, what does it change? Just because one model has trailer hitch the others cannot? Other car manufacturers have trailer hitches for multiple models in their lineup.

      • Jan-Erik Sebestyen

        Months away, but not years away.

        Yes, there is a problem with the towbar and Tesla. I have a feeling that Elon does not think the towbar really fits into his sexy cars. Especially not on model 3.
        But I agree about the issue. It’s a mystery why Tesla is having trouble with this. It seems to be such a simple thing.

      • Björn Fredriksson Möller

        Gotta catch ‘em all…

      • Jan-Erik Sebestyen

        Other car manufacturers have trailer hitches for multiple models in their lineup.

        Other car companies get their agenda from their sales people. Tesla, and a few other successful companies, work based on their strategy.

        Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. If the towbar supports the strategy, well then the cars should have it. If not, delete it.

        If Tesla does like all other companies, there will be no transition to electric cars and sustainable energy.

  • Joakim Uppsäll-Sjögren

    Hope model Y will have Tow Hitch as standard in EMEA

  • Paitor

    Interesting turn from Tesla. With the 2021 Model S i finally hoped they would fit a decent tow hitch. Approx 1800kg. I want to ride low and be able to pull our caravan. Also a nice big battery when the consumption doubles. Then I finally can have a multi purpose car and can ditch diesel.

  • Mocke

    Tycker det är väldigt konstigt. dragkrok är en (av dock många) anledningar till att m3 varit så populär. När Björn Nyland frågade vad han skulle välja var svaret dragkrok, (fsd gick bort).
    När en maxutrustad id4 på 77 kWh kostar lika mycket som en model sr+ på 58 kWh. är det inte läge att försvåra för kunden.
    Tycker det är lite hål i huvudet.

  • sesundbackl

    I agree 100% with Tibor. This will severely hit the sales in Sweden and the rest of Europe for Model 3. What is the treason behind this, new construction?!
    When we ordered our Model 3 in December 2018 the trailer hitch was not possible to include but we were under the impression that it could be available to fit later on. We love the car but it is still a disappointment that we can’t fit it to the car.

  • Snåla Grisen

    Having a tow-hitch as an option should be a no-brainer, aspecially in Europe, which must be a prioritized market by Tesla given the acceptance for EVs, big wallets and lots of influence around the world. Ok, the tow-hitch for Model 3 was not the best in terms of design (user unfriendly and low cost) compared to the XC40 Recharge, but at least it was there. Removing it seems to be a great oversight, and hopefully Elon will step in and correct this “mistake”.